“Writing the Personal Essay” Workshop


Personal essays are a unique way of reaching an audience: they’ve been rightly called “letters to strangers.” You get to contemplate and process an experience in your own unique way and share what you learned with readers. Personal essays are direct, conversational, and subjective. The range of topics you can explore is vast; the tone, style, length and structure of the essay are completely up to you.

Think of this month-long workshop as doing an independent study: I’ll work with you individually via email as you get a series of assignments to guide you in your personal essay journey.

You’ll send me your writing as a Microsoft Word file attached to your email; I’ll comment using Track Changes on what you send, as well as do close editing and return it to you. Before the workshop begins, we’ll speak on the phone about your goals for the workshop and we’ll also talk abut the experience at the end of the month.

To enroll you need to register and pay the workshop fee of $260 (this includes the PayPal handling charge). Fees are not refundable, but if you need to re-schedule, we can find another month that works for both of us.

Please note: You must be 18 or over to register for this workshop.