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Writer's Block is Bunk!Writer’s Block is Bunk

“Thank goodness for this forthright and practical guide! Lev Raphael draws on his immense experience to offer honest and useful insights into the writing world. His style is quick, informative, and generous. From debunking the concept of writer’s block to warning about the dangers of over-exuberant copywriters, he gets it right with advice that’s both down-to-earth and downright wise. There’s charm and wry wit in his anecdotes; the tone is sensible and warm-hearted; and he’s here to help with no-nonsense guidance.”
—Anne-Marie Oomen, author of Pulling Down the Barn and House of Fields

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Book Lust!Book Lust!

“Lev Raphael gives us a wonderful packet of love letters to the printed word. Raphael is that rare author: a friendly book junkie who’s able to articulate his thoughts clearly and entertainingly without turning into a scold or know-it-all. His own experience as a fiction writer enables him to shed light in unexpected places. Best of all, he leaves you with a dozen or so new titles you want to check out on your own.”
—Christopher Bram, author of Exiles in America

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